Botanical Candle Co Soy Wax Candle - Half Light

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As the sun dips below the horizon surround yourself with this comforting and familiar combination of citrus and spice.

This warming blend of clementine and clove will bring back memories of childhood. The gentle sweetness of clementine is perfectly balanced by the resinous spice of clove.  

Light just as the sun is low in the sky for a gentle transition in to the evening. A lovely choice for living spaces where the spicy freshness can drift through the air.  

    • Top notes: Clementine Rind, Mandarin
    • Heart notes: Rosemary, Fir
    • Base notes: Clove, All Spice

    Product Details :

    Burn Times

    Small 120ml 20 Hours

    Medium 180ml 35 Hours

    Large 500ml 80 Hours