Our Story

  -made by hand-

What started as a side-project, renovating period houses together, quickly flourished into a love of interiors. We started to put plans in place to move on from our life in the city and our businesses – a specialist rug store and vintage clothing shop – Looking for a slower pace of life we opened Hare & Wilde in the North Yorkshire market town of Malton. 


-emphasising craft and careful consideration-

Our mindset remains the same since we started all those years ago. We find beauty in something being crafted by hand – the thought, consideration and artistry bring a whole new meaning to a piece in your home. It may be a humble candle to bring warmth on autumnal nights, a vase to hold hand-picked springtime blooms, all the way to rugs and oak chairs that become woven into the fabric of a house. 

And we’re no strangers to doing things by hand either. Our Malton shop began life with us hand-painting the front, finding our feet – and head for heights – on some scaffolding on a chilly February morning. Nearly a decade on, it’s still the two of us (renovating, painting and mending) with a new addition to the Hare & Wilde family, our daughter Evie.


-a story to tell-

Handpicking timeless homewares for our store and celebrating those who have a story to be passed on from piece to person. We hope that our continued devotion to sustainability and simplicity fills your home with lovingly made items that adapt to and endure the test of time. Most of all, we hope you grow to love and take interest in your interiors as much as we enjoy selecting them.

We hope to see you in our store soon.

Laura & Will